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Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's not Roger Goodell, and it's not Ray Rice. It's us.

As long as there's a shit-ton of money out there buying tickets, apparel, and eyes watching games players will misbehave. Oh hell, they'll misbehave whether we're there or not. They're people like us, and we misbehave. Ray Rice, sadly, wasn't the first person to hit his fiance/wife. Adrian Peterson was not the first person to whip a 4 yr old with a switch either. Roger Goodell, and Ravens ownership weren't the first people to try to sweep the issue under the rug, and hope it goes away either. Penn State anyone?

Elite athletes who make universities, and professional franchise owners piles - PILES - of money are coddled. They have been for a long time. Owners want their stars on the field because they sell tickets, apparel, and drive ratings. Why are we even surprised that there was a video of one of them punching his fiance? I'm surprised this didn't happen years ago. As shitty as what Ray Rice did was, at least he didn't lie about it - which is the only positive you can credit it him for. So the Ravens wanted to put this to bed before it blew up. Roger Goodell works for the owners, and he decided to help the owner put it away. He perpetuated the status-quo. It was the same way Florida State did a half-assed investigation into the Jameis Winston rape allegation last year. It was the same way Penn State looked the other way in the Sandusky episode. The program and the franchise are gold mines to a lot of people, and if your access to a gold mine depends on you looking the other way, as we've seen, too many people are willing to get along to get along.

You could google and find out how many arrests NFL players have. Never mind. San Diego Union-Tribune did it. I'm reminded of the Col Jessup monologue from A Few Good Men; "Deep down inside, you don't wanna know." So, yes, athletes do the same terrible things that many others do, but WE coddle them, because WE want our teams to win, not because we don't care, but indirectly because we buy tickets to winning teams, and jerseys of winning players, and tune in to games of those teams and players more than other teams with smaller stars, and fewer wins. Owners, boosters, GMs, university presidents, and commissioners know this. Knowing this they've sheltered people that do monstrous things from real consequences so their gold mine is protected.

So instead of getting all indignant about these people while wearing a jersey, tuned in to a game, maybe we should not look the other way when we see some child, or woman with a suspicious bruise.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Atlantic County Prosecutor, and Atlantic City Police - what the fuck?

This is the Atlantic County Prosecutor
First Assistant

Ray Rice cold cocked his fiancee' in an Atlantic City casino elevator. That, we all agree is pretty low. In fact one might argue there's not much lower one can do.

For all the bungling, and mishandling done by the Baltimore Ravens organization, and the NFL Offices why are they the ones catching all the shit?

Ummm - Atlantic City Police, and Atlantic City District Attorney's Office, I'm talking to you. Does the NFL have subpoena power to get the casino to hand over the elevator tape? While I don't believe for a second that the NFL, nor the Baltimore Ravens, did not see the elevator video till just the other day, it's at least plausible that they did not. If the Atlantic City Police didn't see it, it's grossly negligent. Here's how I'd expect law enforcement would handle that based on the lobby video.

"Oh wow. He's dragging an unconscious woman out of the elevator. We're gonna need the security video from the elevator."

There's not an enterprise in the world with more security video than a casino, so you know the Atlantic City PD, and DA knew that it was there. There's no way they DIDN'T know. Once they got the video, and see him cold cock his fiancee' HOW is he only charged with a misdemeanor, and a plea deal that can be expunged once he finishes his court ordered therapy?

The NFL and the Baltimore Ravens are dealing with a PR situation at worst. People are pissed at that more than they are at anything else. They're calling for the resignation of Roger Goodell. Why? They're businesses. That's what they do. Really, who cares about PR? Atlantic City DA - what the fuck? You're in charge of public safety, and prosecuting

Monday, September 8, 2014

Twain - my man!!!

"Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand." - Mark Twain