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Friday, January 12, 2018

Can you believe Trump said "___________"??

Latest "can you believe Trump said" has the trust-fund baby, come crypto fascist, calling Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries "shitholes."

We're asked rhetorically - or may be some are asking genuinely - if we can believe Trump said this.


I can totally believe he said that. I don't have any doubt, nor do I have any residual of surprise that Trump said that. What I can't believe is that other people are surprised.

He was born in 1946. He's old. Old people are known for some things; thinking younger generation is lazy, new music sucks, and "when I was a kid soda pop was a nickel." The other thing you can attribute to old people is unvarnished racism.

He's a narcissistic, intellectually incurious, lazy, McDonalds eating, spoiled all-grown-up-spoiled-little-rich-kid. He complains about Obama's golf trips and vacations, yet has golfed, and vacated WAY more.

He's the guy who called for the Central Park 5 to be executed, and even when they were exonerated, wouldn't back track insisting they were guilty.

He's a con man who founded a fraud of a university, and put his name on steaks, and bottled water - had displays of same water at campaign stops - went bankrupt so many times only Russian mobsters loan him money, and STILL is able to brag of followers who think he's a business genius.

He's a guy who, many times as a landlord, was in violation of the Fair Housing Act. How racist do you need to be to have Nixon Administration take you to court?

He's the guy who started his campaign by insisting that Mexico was "sending us their rapists."

He's the guy who said some of the White Nationalists were "very fine people."

He's the guy who spent years "investigating" the birthplace of President Obama.

Can we stop being surprised when this orange raccoon faced, cotton candy haired, ignorant, intellectually lazy, buffoon says something racist? He's been doing it for decades.